About Us

Running Dirt Bike Tours in Cambodia

since 1998

And Adventure Bike Tours since 2013

Cambodia offers limitless miles of challenging dirt bike riding. We offer the best quality tours to explore this fantastic environment.

So if you want to ride –

  • jungle trails
  • mountain tracks
  • rocky hill climbs
  • sandy ox-cart trails
  • deep river crossings

On a range of dirt bikes starting with Honda XR250’s and XR400’s.

Cambodia offers everything from sandy single-track trails through ancient temples to wide-open logging-roads through the rolling hills to hardcore routes through the Elephant Mountains, the country will challenge even the most experienced dirt bike rider. But we’re not just about the hardcore off-road enthusiast, we offer tours to match all levels of riding – novices welcome!

And at the end of every dirt bike ride are the Cambodians themselves, some of the most friendly and genuine people you are ever likely to meet.