BANG!! There goes another Dirt Bike Season

And what a great season it was – and the good news is next season is looking even better! We’ve got rides running all around Cambodia and even further afield into other parts of Asia. And next season we are absolutely on fire – I’ve never known a season fill up so fast or the riding and tours be so varied – from the Ultimate Dakar Tribute to Zee and Gees New Year Special.

For the 2016/17 season Leng, superstar guide, will be back to help me run the off-road tours, Dave from RAMS will be with us to provide top flight medical support, BonTim will be here to provide logistical back-up in the mighty Cruiser, and Makara will be on the spanners keeping all the bikes running and Gees coming over to throw a huge Off Road New Years Eve party. Top Team, Top Tours. Sign up now! But you’d better be quick as the limited number of seats we offer are filling up fast…

Dakar Veterans Craig Bounds and Tamsin Jones from Black Desert Training are coming out for our Ultimate Ride in January – the Taffy Dakar Tribute. A totally unique Off-Road and Adventure Bike ride like nothing else ever held in Cambodia before. Cambodia Expeditions on the cutting edge as always. We will also be joining Craig and Tamsin for a weekend ride out back in sunny Wales in September. Get some top tips from two top riders to sharpen your off-road skills, and come and meet some of the Cambodia team, as well as riders who have ridden with us in the past and are coming out in the future. An ideal weekend for riders signed up for the 2016/17 season.

And for serious hard-core off-road addicts and dedicated Christmas avoiders (like me…) Gee has talked me into holding an off-road event that kicks off Boxing Day and rides the rough over New Years – with a big New Years Eve Party down the Cambodian coast. Miss Christmas, Ride the best Dirt, party like Rock Stars. If that sounds like you get in touch now! Limited rides available.

For more details of our new international rides contact me now. We’re going to running rides in Burma and China this coming season. I’ve been out and found brand new cutting edge routes for both the Off Road rides and the Adventure Bikes. Once again – on the cutting edge.

Cambodia Expeditions – We Ride Where Others Can Merely Follow…