Aural Mountain Trekking

Climb the highest mountain in Cambodia during this walking expedition, in one of the country’s most remote areas. When climbing the mountain you’ll be following tracks cuts by wild pigs not people. Enjoy an area of thick vegetation and abundant in fauna and flora. But this walk is not for the unprepared as the mountain rises over 1600 metres in less than 10 kilometres. All the equipment to make camp is carried by local hunters, who act as porters, with a local guide to lead the expedition through tree cover so thick that GPS units just don’t work.

Tour Highlights

Cresting the Country’s Highest Peak.

A pleasure that speaks for itself, climb a peak that is higher than Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, and is still almost completely unknown to the outside world.

The Sights and Sounds of the living Jungle

Little of the jungle that covers the mountain has had any interference from man and is abundant in wildlife, from pilated gibbon to tiger, wild cow to bush pig.

Driving deep in the Cambodian countryside

The further you get from Phnom Penh the further into the past you travel. And the Cambodian countryside is of particular natural beauty.

The Cambodian Rural Experience

Camp in a small Cambodian village and look through a small window into the country’s rural traditions. See a way of life that has changed little since the Bronze Age. And enjoy spending time in the company of the rural Khmer people, whose warmth and good humour are legendary.