Dirt Bike, 4×4, or mixed-vehicle expedition.

htsThe ride starts easy on tarmac and then goes on to take in some of the most difficult riding to be found in Cambodia. Preah Vihear is second only to Koh Kong province in the severity of its riding conditions, and the road from Banlung to Sen Monorom is a harsh no-man’s land of hard riding.


The Road from TBY to Stung Treng

One of the most exhilarating of the rides to be had in Cambodia, running through a variety of terrain, from small villages to open track to sand. A must for the keen rider.

Preah Vihear Temple

An Angkorian era temple that remains one of the most remote. Sits atop of a plateau overlooking Cambodia and Thailand and at the end of a road so steep you could absail down it.

Krung Hill Tribe villages in Ratanakiri

The Krung are a minority group in the north of the country with a distinctly different way of life to the lowland Khmer, not just in terms of dialect but dress and architecture. Also not yet affected by the ‘tourist’ culture, where the tribe will dash off and get into costume with the approach of visiting tourists.

Swimming in the lake at Banlung

Swim in the fresh water formerly volcanic lake of Yeak Loam.

The Road From Banlung to Sen Monorom

A difficult path not to be attempted by the faint hearted and without a guide, as the myriad of ox-cart tracks can often lead nowhere. No traffic moves. Gem mining village, Ratanakiri. See the rabbit warren like holes where workers pull Zirconium out of the ground.

Riding Conditions. For the experienced dirt bike rider this ride offers some of the most challenging and rewarding dirt bike riding to be had in any country of the world.