The Ultimate Taffy Dakar Cambodia Dirt Bike Ride – January 2017

Come on the Ultimate Ride – Cambodia!

The Taffy Dakar Tribute Ride

DSC01813We’ve taken all our experience and thrown it into a melting pot and come out with this excellent top rail off-road tour. And to top it off with got Dakar Rally Veterans Craig Bounds and Tamsin Jones from Black Desert Training to come along.

As well as the guys from the world famous Welsh biking event – The Taffy Dakar.

Great riding, great company = fantastic off-road experience.

We aim to take on the best off-roading Cambodia has to offer, as well remote camping, Angkorian Temples and jungle wilderness.

IMG_1678The Tour is in 2 sections – Starting in Phnom Penh and finishing in Siem Reap and taking in the north. Starting in Siem Reap and finishing in Sihanoukville. Each section is broken up into 10 days.

Or if you have the time and the sense of adventure do the whole country!

Prices start at $2495 USD

Click HERE for more details of The Ultimate Ride.

But if Off-Road’s not your thing another facet of this one of a kind tour is the availability of Adventure Bikes. Different route by Day, same party at night. See the best that Cambodia has to offer – have a look at our Adventure Bike Section

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September 2016 – Still In Wales! Cambodia Expeditions/Black Desert Training Ride Out and BBQ

Come for a dirt bike ride with Craig Bounds and Tamsin Jones of Black Desert and me, Zeman – meet the Cambodia Expeditions Team, people who are riding in Cambodia this coming season and those who have ridden with us in previous seasons.

Great Welsh off-road, great pizza, epic company at Black Desert HQ in Wales. Top weekend.

October 2016 – Cardomons Off-Road Adventure, 6 Days.

The rainy season having barely finished this will not be a ride for the faint hearted. Starts and finishes on the South Coast and dives into the heart of the Cardomons – if the river levels are low enough!

November 2016 – RAMS Temple Raider

12 days of the best riding the country has to offer, as well as camping in an Angkorian Temple, bouncing off the borders of Vietnam and Thailand and rising The Death Highway. Full medical back-up from RAMS Adventures

December 2016 – Ride with RED Trails.

Journey to the gold mines. 8 day ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, via Mondolkiri and the old Ho Chi Minh Trail. 5 places left

Christmas 2016 – Zee and Gees New Year Dirt Bike Extravaganza

Or ‘Zee, and Gee get lost in the jungle’ with more than a little help from Leng. Hopefully we’ll find our way out for a huge New Years Eve party in Sihanoukville…5 places left. 10 days tough riding.

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