Tour Tales
Stories from the coal face of motorcycle tours in Cambodia and beyond. Tales of what Cambodia Expeditions has been upto recently and back in the deep dark past…

Mondolkiri Rally Raid

Where Cambodia Expeditions first began – The Mondolkiri Rally Raid in 1998. A group of 29 intrepid dirt bikers embark on the  country’s first off-road tour in modern times

Temple Raider Tour

The How To Guide this week is ‘How To Build a Raft in The Jungle and Float 9 Dirt Bikes Over A Fast Flowing River.’ Using only some hammock rope, a truck inner tube and a Leng. It’s gotta be the Temple Raider Tour 2014

Gettin' our kicks on a BMW on Route 66

Riding the legendary Route 66 on a BMWR1200GS. From Boston to LA in one month. Do Zeman and Debs make it across the vast continent in time for Mike G’s wedding?


Colonel Epic's Lost Tour Of The Tibetian Border

Tibet is finally starting to open up to foreign motorcycle expeditions – find out how we got on riding from the heady tropics to the mountains on the edge of the Kingdom of The Sky – via Shangri-La


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