Preah Vihear Province: Until recently, Koh Ker was only slightly more accessible than Preah Khan and Preah Vihear, the other two major temples in Preah Vihear province, but only for those willing to face deep sand or mud pits.

But progress waits for no man, and the government, keen to reap in those tourist dollars, have slung a new trail up to the temple via Beng Mealea temple. The idea being that mini-buses could get to the temple and back in a day from Siem Reap. That idea, however, has yet to catch on, and Koh Ker is still relatively quiet.

Around the temple is some excellent off-road riding, as good as it gets. Koh Ker is also radically different from the other two temples in its lay-out, with a huge creeper covered pyramid at its centre, more Mayan than Angkorian in its design. Better attacked from the T’Beang Meanchey side.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Koh Ker: (Novice)

Around the temple itself is a new ring road.

Siem Reap: (Novice/intermediate/expert)

Lots of routes with varying degrees of difficulty.

Preah Khan: (Intermediate/expert)

There is a route between the two that runs right through the heart of the province. Bad Bush, Deep Sand, No People. Yeah, bring it on.

T’beang Meanchey: (Novice/intermediate)

Depending on when you ride it, this route, which is being improved every year, can be relatively easy or absolute hell, and it comes down to one thing: rain. All the temples in Preah Vihear sit in a sea of sand that turns into massive pits of impenetrable mud in and around the wet season.