Preah Vihear Province: The most remote of the most remote temples, at least from the Cambodian side, Preah Vihear is a two-day dirtbike trip through deep sand and rivers, and that only gets you to the base of the plateau where this temple sits over-looking Thailand, where a new road saves you the old four-hour walk straight up to the top.

Not just any road, though, one of the steepest navigatable roads in the world. Once you’ve made it up here you better be prepared to stay the night.

Conversely, on the Thai side there is a tarmac road that leads to the shorter walk straight to the summit. A bone of contention between both Cambodia and Thailand as the Thais also claim sovereignty over this very impressive Angkorian monument. A garrison of Cambodian soldiers stand guard over the ancient stones, while it is still inhabited by saffron-robed monks. Until recently there was the shell of a crashed Russian helicopter laying on it’s side on the top of the plateau, next to the temple.

Preah Vihear

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Siem Reap: (Novice)

Good graded dirt highways that might be a bit rougher staright after the rainy season before they are graded. And not to be attempted in the rainy season, unless you like getting stuck.

T’beang Meanchey: (intermediate/expert)

There are several routes to get to the town from the temple of varying severity/sand/dirt bike fun