One of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty in SE Asia is Bokor National Park. The hill station stands on a plateau atop of a ridge that rises over 1000 metres above the plains of Kampot province and dominates the fishing town of Kampot.

The road to the top rises over 1 kilometre in 32 and has changed in form dramatically in the eight years since it was hacked back out of the jungle. Excellent fun on a dirt bike, the rocky, sandy road twists up the side of the mountain through Jurassic Park-like monster ferns, huge deciduous trees, and other inhabitants of dark, dank rainforest.

Wild tigers and elephants are still occasionally seen on top of the plateau, which is guarded by a ranger station, the only permanently occupied building in the ghost town that overlooks the Gulf of Thailand. The ghost town boasts a deserted casino, hotel and even Catholic church and was once a thriving entertainment centre created by the French and Khmers back in the 1920’s to take advantage of the very European climate found up here in the clouds. More recently, the casino played a starring role in the Matt Dillon movie City of Ghosts.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Closed for road renovations. Reopening 2009. Check Blog for more details