The capital of Kampot province, Kampot Town is a pleasant fishing village and provincial town on the banks of the Preak Thom river. The river leads to the Gulf of Thailand, just a couple of kilometres away, and has excellent waterfalls and rapids just a short ride out of town, ideal for washing the dust off in the refreshingly cold water that runs straight off Bokor Mountain. Kampot also serves as the jumping off point for tours to the seaside ghost town of Kep, the hill station on top of Bokor Mountain, that dominates Kep’s southern skyline, and further around the coast to Kompong Som, also know as Sihanoukville.

Kampot be reached from Phnom Penh either by the main tarmac highway or by the lesser-used track through Duch Meas, where limestone caves and temples within them can be visited.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Kampot: (Novice)

The roads around Kampot and in all directions, save Bokor, are paved and in good repair.

Bokor: (Novice)

The road to the top of Bokor Mountain is a rocky hillclimb with bits of deteriorated asphalt.

Kep: (Novice)

To Kep the road is well paved.

Kompong Som: (Novice)

To Kompong Som the road is wide and well-graded dirt. It will be asphalt by late 2002.

Phnom Penh: (Novice)

The road to Phnom Penh is in good repair.