Phnom, which translates to mountain in the Cambodian language, Kirrirom is barely high enough in most peoples books to be classified as a mountain at only 600 metres. But nestled in the middle of a national park with a fascinating history and very pleasant climate, is well worth checking out. For the most part has escaped the rampant logging in the area so is home to a variety of wildlife, particularly birds in abundance. Also a good place for trekking. And like Bokor mountain hidden in the trees you find a ghost town of deserted villas that was once a thriving hill station before the Khmer Rouge over ran it and turned it into a strong hold.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Kirrirom: (Intermediate/expert)

Fantastic dirt trails in all directions, if you know where to find them.

Sihanoukville: (Intermediate/expert)

There’s the easy way, Route 6, but that’s of no interest to us. There are plenty of difficult and rewarding routes, including some outstanding boat trips.

Koh Kong: (Expert, and some)

Steady on there mate … difficult, complicated routes, no roads, no petrol, no help, camping in the bush — just the ticket.

Phnom Penh: (Novice/intermediate)

Again, there’s the easy route, the main route. Or our route, much more fun.