As the name ‘Koh’ implies, this is indeed an island only recently linked to the mainland by a 1.5 kilometre bridge supposedly paid for by one of the casino owners on the island.

Until recently Koh Kong was only easily accessible from the Thai side, explaining why prices are in Thai baht and most everyone speaks Thai as well as Khmer.

Koh Kong province is surely the most bad-ass off-road riding in the country. The severe Cardomon Mountains dominate the province, and the mountains are home to tiger, bear, elephant and birdlife. The close proximity of the mountains to the ocean ensures that rain visits the area right through the dry season, and should it rain on you while riding through here expect a dirt beating of epic proportions and make contengencies for an escape by boat to Sihanoukville.

Incredible natural beauty is the reward for the determined and experienced dirt bike rider who ventures into these tiger-inhabited hills. Koh Kong has lost some of its isolation from Cambodia when the superhighway through Sre Ambel, was completed by the Thai army in 2003.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Koh Kong: (Novice)

The roads in and around Koh Kong are in good shape. Getting in and out, however, is a different story.

Pailin: (Expert)

The route to Pailin is littered with obstacles; fallen trees, cliffs, rivers.

Veal Veng: (Expert and some)

Not to be attempted without serious preparation and consideration.

Sre Ambel: (Intermediate)

To Sre Ambel is more of the same.