The capital of Kompong Cham province, the town of Kompong Cham is a little river town on the Mekong and proud owner of the river’s second bridge. The Chams are Cambodia’s Muslims, making the area subtly different from other provinces. From the minarets the adhan goes out, calling the devoted to prayer. There is a noticeable increase in headgear worn and wispy white beards grown. KPC is the first-day jump off point for tours to the north-east: Mondulkiri, Kratie and Rattanakiri

Kompong Cham is easily reached on a new, tarmac super-highway, but the river road that follows the Mekong is more fun and a affords good, relaxed, first-day riding experience and a chance to get acquainted with rural Cambodian life and the hazards of dirtbike riding (the biggest mud holes are always outside markets, and pigs take no prisoners). For sunset beers there are a couple of riverside beers stops and for western food, cold beer and conversation check out Joe at the Mekong Crossing, just around the corner from the Mekong Hotel.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Kompong Cham: (Novice)

The roads around town are all well paved.

Memot: (Novice)

The route to Pailin is littered with obsticles; fallen trees, cliffs, rivers.

Kratie: (Novice/Intermediate)

Several routes, the main road is paved and easy but there are back routes that are far more entertaining.

Phnom Penh: (Novice)

There are two roads to Phnom Penh: a tarmac superhighway and the river road. The river road is excellent dirt bike territory.