Kompong Som is a relaxed if rather unimpressive town sprawled along the coast. While it may be the country’s busiest seaside resort, it’s not a spot on anything you’ll find along the coast of Thailand.Ahhh, but with a boat you can find paradise just off-shore with unspoiled and uninhabited islands.

Except for the islands and a couple of good seafood restaurants, however, there’s not much to recommend to the ardant dirt biker, as the road to get there was the first major highway to be re-tarmaced along its entire length.

Jumping off point (by boat) for Koh Kong and Thailand or the pleasant ride around the coast to Kampot. A little scuba diving industry has sprung up, but again, unfortunately, the diving off the coast doesn’t compare with the Easterly neighbour. One for the dive passport though.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Kompong Som: (Novice)

The roads around town are all well paved.

Kampot: (Intermediate)

The road to Kampot is well-graded and flat and should be tarmac by mid 2003.

Phnom Penh: (Novice)

The road to Phnom Penh is arguably the country’s finest, two-lane blacktop.