The capitol of Kratie province, Kratie is a sleepy little French-colonial outpost that sits on the banks of the Mekong river just south of the Lao border. But it’s sleepiness might be in danger now that the soon-to-be-completed trans-Asia highway runs through it.

Famous for its small and very rare community of Irrawaddy river Dolphins, the main hangout spot here in the evening, much like other towns on the mighty river, are fruit-shake and beer shacks overlooking the river. The Red Sun Falling does awesome sunset cocktails for a small hole in the wall bar, and it’s the closest your gonna get to western food in this town for a while.

Points Onward & Riding Conditions

Around Kratie: (Novice)

The roads around town are all well paved.

Memot: (Novice)

The route to Memot is now easy, with the completion of this section of the Trans-Asia Highway.

Kompong Cham: (Novice/Intermediate)

Several routes, the main road is paved and easy, but there are back routes that are far more entertaining.

Phnom Penh: (Novice)

There are two roads to Phnom Penh: a tarmac superhighway and the river road. The river road is excellent dirtbike territory.