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Vanna is our man in Kampot for logistics, an ex fisherman that runs a Tuk-tuk and a boat, when he isn’t riding shotgun for us in one of the support trucks that is! He helps out with luggage, truck repairs and steps in to ride motorcycles occasionally if needed. Most past riders say his biggest asset is his ability to make everyone smile, despite the language barrier. He is our…



Pa (Vuthy by name) is the daddy of the outfit, quite literally, as Big Boss is his daughter. His English is zero, but his commitment to driving support when necessary is a thousand percent. He is also the Peter Pan of the outfit, as his looks defy his actual age, and he seems to get younger each year. Never ever seen frowning, no matter how challenging the terrain, or how…



Legendary Cambodia Dirt Bike superstar Leng IV, spends half his year in USA, and half in Cambodia, when he feels like it. Lead guide on larger grouped tours, or on extreme events. The only Cambodian in history to enter and finish the Baja, coming 4th in the Ironman Class in 2016! He can ride anything, better than you, faster than you – even if he's towing or pushing a broken bike. Be…



The No 1 lady of the outfit, Fon is owner and Managing Director of Cambodia Expeditions (as you can see on the Tourism License), making Cambodia Expeditions a truly Cambodian enterprise. As well as getting everyone to toe the line, she handles accommodation, and ensures all the legal stuff is up to speed. Being Khmer, Thai, Laos and English speaking, she can pretty much set up most things needed for a…



English & Khmer speaking Theara is our Boy Wonder on the trails. His speciality knowledge are the trails in and around the southern coast of Cambodia, and the mountain tracks in the Cardamoms. His special talent is to break as many Cambodia Expeditions bikes as he can, so he can build on his experience in the repairs side of the business. Count to date: 5 XR250s, 1 XR400, 1 NX650…



The only Englishman in the pack. Tim, aka Red, is a long term expat settled in The Kingdom of Wonder. Passionate about all things dirt bike and all things Cambodia. Lucky for him, he's married to the Boss, so she lets him help out on the tours a little. A layperson trained in Advanced Medical Techniques in a Wilderness Setting, he helps out as medic on tours, as well as…