Adventure Bike Cambodia

As the title suggests, these tours are all about the bigger adventure bikes, though can be ridden on the smallest bikes we have the XR250s.

These adventures take in the less hardcore off-road routes, enabling experienced road riders to have a real taste of adventure motorcycling, with all the support of one of our off-road itineraries.

These are ideal for riders of big adventure bikes, that never really get the chance to get off the tarmac in their home countries.

Terrain varies from sealed road, to sealed pot holed roads, to wide open graded red dirt. We steer clear of the main highways wherever possible, and make one special visit to probably one of the best motorcycle roads in Asia.

These tours are for the more relaxed, and discerning adventurer, offering a high level of accommodation and relaxed pace.

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Best Seasons:November, December, January, February, March, April
Popular Location:Cambodia

Cambodia Adventure Bike

Best big bike adventures through the heart of Cambodia