Enduro Events Cambodia

We have put together these itineraries for the Enduro crowd. We strive to keep you off the tarmac as long as possible, and keep you off the beaten track as long as possible!

These itineraries are ideally suited for riders with a fair level of off road riding experience.

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Best Seasons:November, December, January, February, March, April
Popular Location:Cambodia

The Best Cambodia Enduro Tours

Long riding days, challenging terrain

    Sea to Sky to Sea Mini Enduro

    Enduro, Trail, 4 x 4

    This is a short, challenging trip that takes in some of the most technical trails that southern Cambodia has to offer. Designed for keen dirt bikers that are already in-country,…

    from $500

      The Red Dirt Tour

      Enduro, Trail

      The Red Dirt Tour has been a long established annual event taking place in the coolest riding month (December) and allowing for travel homeward just before Christmas if you don’t…

      from $2,985

        The Temple Raider Tour

        Enduro, Trail

        Cambodia Motorcycle tour running during November each year, that means the jungle vistas and countryside views are at their most vivid and beautiful, as it is the end of the…

        from $4,100

          The Ultimate Ride – Seaward


          Like it says in the title. The Ultimate Ride. We have put together a massive 20 day loop of the country. Starting in Phnom Penh, heading out North East and…

          from $3,000

            Day Ride


            Are you looking to ride off road for 1 day? Then this is the service for you. We insist you have a guide, as we don’t rent our bikes out…

            from $200