Trail Rides Cambodia

These organised adventures focus on balancing saddle time, with rest stops and cultural points of interest. These rides are all about the authentic experience, and as such we insist the group stays together regardless of riding ability. The more able riders in the group are expected encourage and assist the less experienced riders.

Ideally suited to groups or families that regularly ride together and support each other, there is no pressure on pace, and riders can feel free to stop and take photos, chat to the locals, or jump in a river to cool off.

These rides are a great relaxed way of getting right into the heart of Cambodia, without feeling pressured to ride at pace.

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Best Seasons:November, December, January, February, March, April
Popular Location:Cambodia

Cambodia Motorcycle Tours

Trail riding at its best

    Bespoke Tour

    Enduro, Trail

    So you want to ride, and on your own schedule. Well here’s how you request it from us. Choose the type of tour you are interested in doing, choose the…

    from $0

      Sea to Sky to Sea Mini Enduro

      Enduro, Trail, 4 x 4

      This is a short, challenging trip that takes in some of the most technical trails that southern Cambodia has to offer. Designed for keen dirt bikers that are already in-country,…

      from $500

        Complete Cambodia

        Adventure, Trail, Road

        This 14 night adventure is for those that want to balance time in the saddle, with time to take in the culture of this magical kingdom. Made up of 10…

        from $0

          The Red Dirt Tour

          Enduro, Trail

          This event is once a year starting on 13th December and finishing on the 22nd December. The Red Dirt Tour has been a long established annual Cambodian Christmas Riding event…

          from $3,499

            The Temple Raider Tour

            Enduro, Trail

            Cambodia Motorcycle tour running during November each year, that means the jungle vistas and countryside views are at their most vivid and beautiful, as it is the end of the…

            from $3,335