Tailor-made Cambodia Adventures

That’s right, we can build custom itineraries for you. Explore Cambodia, your way.

We pride ourselves on providing unique in-country tours, tailor-made to the individual guest’s needs. Our main aim being that every Cambodian Adventure is as different as the individuals taking part in it. Many of our guests have a strong idea of what they wish to see and experience in Cambodia.

For many it is the outstanding off-road biking, and they want to ride the most testing conditions, all day, everyday.

For others it is the magnificient history of the country and exploring an ancient Angkorian Temple everyday is a must.

Some prefer to delve deep into the jungle, meeting Hiltribe Minorities or tackling Cambodia’s highest peak, Phnom Aoral.

With a bespoke Cambodia Expeditions Adventure, we can turn your vision into an authentic, unique and unforgettable experience.

We cater to the adventurous individual who craves the sights and sounds of a different way of life. An older way lost in a country steeped in cultural history. An intrepid individual with a keen interest in nature and wildlife, excited by exploring man’s connection to a wild environment, prepared to get their hands dirty, for the reward of sights that few others have ever seen.

The Cambodia Expeditions team are keen adventurers and nature enthusiasts, and bring this enthusiasm with them on every trip. Drawing on years of experience in-country, the CamEx team can show you a way of life – long lost – at the end of Cambodia’s diverse and lesser-beaten trails.

We can organise 4×4 Safaris, dirt bike adventures and trekking expeditions, helicopter scenic flights, boat trips as well as small group private mini-bus tours. For some, combining all modes of transportation in one trip can be an exhilarating experience.

Bespoke, by the way, means exactly that, and does not have to be synonymous with expensive. We build unique itineraries for guests based on their specific needs, ranging from duration, standard of accommodation, dietary requirements, transportation modes, sights to see and right down to budget.

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  • Includes
  • Motorcycle hire XR250
  • Mounted guide/mechanic
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  • Support Vehicle
  • All meals and drinks
  • Fuel for motorcyle
  • Damage to motorcycle beyond normal wear and tear



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