An old garrison town, both for the French in their times as the Protectorates of Cambodia, and in more recent times both for the Khmer rouge and the Khmer Army fighting them right up until 1998. Battambang is another riverside Town, and has recently applied for Word Heritage status listing with UNESCO.

Phnom Sampeu is a main draw for visitors, as it is home to the Battambang Killing Caves where so many were thrown to their deaths by the Khmer Rouge.

Today it is also the mountain from which the morning exodus and sunset return of millions of cave dwelling bats can be witnessed.

The famous Bamboo Railway was a point of interest, where you could ride a norry (a makeshift train made from bamboo platform and two lorry axles) along some of the surviving train tracks. Unfortunately this has now been dismantled and moved to a new location, but is a much shorter track, and more of an amusement ride than an authentic trip.

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Best Season:November to April

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