Phnom Penh is Cambodia's capital city, and today its skyline is filled with an ever growing number of skyscraper projects. As Cambodia's economy has been booming over the last 2 decades, Phnom Penh is filled with a vibrant community of foreign investors and local entrepreneurs alike. Decadent modern buildings, next to ramshackle and derelict dwellings of the extremely poor, Phnom Penh is an example of how tolerant Khmer culture is, and how easy going the local people are. Loads to see and do in Phnom Penh, from visiting the Royal Palace which holds the Silver Pagoda (a treasure trove of ancient Khmer artifacts that survived the Khmer Rouge's reign of destruction) to the local torture chambers of Tuol Sleng or S21.

    Complete Cambodia

    14 days, 13 nights

    This 14 night adventure is for those that want to balance time in the saddle, with time to take in the culture of this magical kingdom. Made up of 10 days riding over a 15 day itinerary, there is plenty…

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      The Red Dirt Tour

      9 nights, 10 days

      This event is once a year starting on 13th December and finishing on the 22nd December. The Red Dirt Tour has been a long established annual Cambodian Christmas Riding event taking place in the coolest riding month (December) and allowing…

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        The Temple Raider Tour

        13 days, 12 nights

        Cambodia Motorcycle tour running during November each year, that means the jungle vistas and countryside views are at their most vivid and beautiful, as it is the end of the monsoons, and the start of the dry season. This is…

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          Assault On Aoral

          8 days

          Tour Objective Climb the highest mountain in Cambodia, in one of the country’s most remote areas. When climbing the mountain you’ll be following well established tracks, originally cut by wild pigs not people. Enjoy trekking through an area of dense…

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